Vol XV #143 – Mostly Cloudy With a Chance of Thunderstorms

Report #5253 Photo: Fishtown on a cloudy morning

 LR 08-18-15

6:00 am ~ 67° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: Calm ~ Humidity: 92%
Sunrise is at 6:48 am ~ Ave. Low is 57°~Record Low is 44° (1981)
4:00 pm. ~ 73° ~ Mostly Cloudy ~ Wind: E NE at 4 mph ~ Humidity:86%
Sunset is at 8:45 pm ~ Ave. High is 78° ~ Record High is 92° (1988) 
Moonphase: Waxing Crescent ~ Pressure: 29.83 in ~ Dew Point: 67° ~ Visibility: 9 Miles
Daylight: 13 Hrs 54 Mns
Forecast for 8/17/2015 -ScatteredThunderstorms, High 80° F- Low: 60° F

Vol XV #142 - Meggen's Monday
Vol XV #144 - It Was a Cloudy Sunny Day


It was a very quiet and calm morning on the beach with a little drizzle in the air.  A couple of folks were looking for stones, taking advantage of the still water.  The sun did visit for a couple of minutes this afternoon, but cloudy skies and occasional drops are forecasted for the rest of the day.

John Chapman did fly by a couple of days ago and sent me some nice shots of Leland.





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Jeff in Paw Paw

I had the pleasure of enjoying beverages in the end “shanty” in Fishtown on the south side of the river. Nice location, rustic and beachy. Keith . . . I was delighted to see a couple of your drawings. You really have a talent there, Mr B. Is there enough for a book?

Jim Burnham

Jeff, we have a book laid out with photos and some of the drawings. Now that the kids are in school, I have more time to devote to getting it printed. Stay tuned

Jeff in Paw Paw

Thanks Jim. I’m tuned in every day. Need my Leland fix.

Greg Chapman

that’s my boy! Nice shot.


Long fairways there. Were I the King of Golf, all holes would be a par-3. Short par-3’s. 🙂

Rick Lahmann

It is a great photo showing how large the Leland Country Club is, compared to the business district.