Vol XVII – #194 – Meet Rick Allen

Report #6030 Photo: LR_10-12-2017


LR 10-12-2017



Vol XVII - #193 - Roof Lines
Vol XVII - #195 - Friday the 13th



Rick Allen with Mario Batali at the Mercantile.  Rick is helping me out while I recover from a cold.  I hope some day I can get a Biscuit Report with these two.










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Judy in Grand Blanc

Saw you today, driving out of Fishtown in the jeep with the window down. I “hollered” Mr. B! but you didn’t hear. Drat!

Judy Ball Brown

Great to see Rick’s photo and the photo of him–and realize how often we’ve enjoyed chatting with him at the Merc. Didn’t know his name. Not about his photography.


good stuff!
HEY! .. can anyone give me info on the fall color progression in the area there??
~ thanks SO MUCH!
~ Rod

paul kahn

Love Mario on “The Chew” and even better he is a lover of the land of delight!!

Dick, in Rankin

Is there a story that goes with that beautiful boat?

Rick Allen

Hi Dick,It’s the Inland Seas Educational Sailing Ship, that sails on Suttons Bay, it’s takes guests out sailing and educating the public regarding the quality of the great lakes and protecting the quality,,anyone can go for a sail on her,,thanks