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Vol XV #248 – A Rainy First Day of December

Today’s snow report from Suttons Bay is 34 inches shy of one year ago.  Most folks around here would prefer snow to this rain.  The 10 day forecast has temperature highs in the forties.  Meteorologists are predicting that this year’s El Nino event might be the most significant on record and is likely to lead to extreme weather events around… Read more »

Vol XV #246 – There’s No Joy in Fishtown

Today was forecasted to be mostly sunny to partly cloudy and indeed it started out that way only to be completely overcast by noon.  Along with there not being any JOY in Fishtown, there is no sunshine.  In spite of Thanksgiving Day being rainy, it was a wonderful day to be with our families.     Don’t forget about 20% off everything… Read more »

Vol XV #242 – It’s the Day Before Turkey Day

A nice start-up sky to begin a new day. The Turkey Day forecast isn’t the greatest, but… could be worse.  Our early morning clear sky was highlighted by a very bright setting full moon. Our family members are arriving… Click here to enter the 2016 Snow Gauge contest! Win a custom Leif Spork tile!  

Vol XV #241 – Where Did All the Snow Go?

Our day began in the early morning darkness.  Joe and Nels were busy with getting the final turkeys ready for delivery tomorrow.  Leland’s one and a half inches of snow disappeared overnight.    Click here to enter the 2016 Snow Gauge contest! Win a custom Leif Spork tile!  

Vol XV #239 – First Snow, But Not the Last

The Windy City (Chicago & Suburbs) got 16 inches in one of those 100 year storms.  Leelanau County was on the edge of that system and got variable results.  Our Sutton’s Bay reporter, Leif, claims 6.5 inches while Leland at best, maybe 1.5 inches.  Never the less it’s apparently a beautiful day to go surfing and we start our Snow Report for the 15/16 season. … Read more »