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Vol XVII – #177 – Meggen’s Monday

  Today’s photographs are made possibly by boats! Just after the pre-dawn (below), the 1,000-footer Stewart J. Cort moved northward through the passage, passing beneath the rising sun (top). We saw the sunrise on Sunday from the North Manitou side of the passage, which is a treat. On Saturday, I joined the crew of the Joy (the camera stayed in… Read more »

Vol XVII – #162 – A Blue Sky Beginning, A Blue Sky Ending

A cool and sunny beginning, warming up with the sunshine.       Check out the Leland Harbor Dredging Time-lapse in the Projects page!                      

Vol XVII – #157 – Tuesday After Labor Day

  Looking across to Windsor, Canada, on Labor Day morning (top photo). The William G. Milliken State Harbor offers this view, punctuated by a barge heading downriver. By sunset, I was back home to join the crowd gathered at Good Harbor Beach/651 to watch the sun set in a “non-summer” point on the horizon. Detroit offered a whole host of… Read more »