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Vol XVII – #023 – Diversions, Reflections, Cheese, Spörck and Snow

(Report by Jim)  In celebration of Fishtown opening up for the season, I am going back in time to the incredible record snow of 2013-14. This is what it looked like IN MARCH. We predicted an average if not low year that season and boy, were we off. The winner of the contest won with the highest guess out of… Read more »

Vol XVII – #021 – When We Were a Couple of Kids

(Report by Jim) Coming in a little late today, I know. Keith is slowly recovering. We haven’t had an Erhardt Peters day in a while, so I thought I would show some that we rarely see. The first photo may or may not be of EP as a kid. I can’t say for sure if the title was auto-biographical or… Read more »

Vol XVII – #017 – A Spring Day

Keith is feeling a little under the weather so I am filling in today with some throwbacks. Today’s photo was taken almost 14 years ago in May of 2003. The condition of the entrance to the harbor is strikingly similar to today. All of that was cleared out by the end of 2003. The second photo was taken in May… Read more »

Vol XVI – #328 – Meggen’s Monday

  The weekend brought smiles to our faces! It was tremendous to be outside, hiking and skipping stones.  A free 2017 Leland Report Calendar is now shipping with all book orders!

Vol XVI – #272 – 50 degrees, Sunshine… WIND!

A beautiful Spring day with the temperature rising to 50 degrees and the sky turning blue.  Mid-afternoon the wind returned with the sound of a freight train.  Lights are flickering… so I’m posting… will update   The Leland Report/Leif Spork Snow Gauge Contest has begun. Go up to Extras->Contest or click on to see rules, prizes and enter your guess! The… Read more »

Vol XVI – #271 – Merry Christmas

We got everyone here at once in one way or another.  A very Merry Christmas from our family to yours. And yes, that’s a Leland blue 😉 Photos by Jim Burnham   The 2017 Leland Report Calendar is now shipping! New low price!  Look for the Book and Calendar Bundle here:  

Vol XVI – #270 – ‘Twas the Night before Christmas

…and all through the house everyone was stirring, including the Biscuit. With our cousins, nieces and nephews together for a traditional Christmas Eve party. It looks like the lake is iced over, but this goes out only 20-30 feet. Might be gone by Monday with temps in the 40s.  Photos today by Jim Burnham The 2017 Leland Report Calendar is now… Read more »

Vol XVI – #222 – A Day To Reflect Upon

Another record breaking day, something to reflect upon.  Only two shops open, Tug Stuff and Leif Sporck’s Tile Shop.  You would think more shops would be open on such a nice summer day.   The 2017 Leland Report Calendar is now shipping! New low price!  Look for the Book and Calendar Bundle here:  

Vol XVI – #218 – Stayed Home With Biscuit

Around noon Biscuit started to recover and wanted a Jeep trip, but too early for jumping into.  He has not been further than 5 feet away from me and sneaking out take pictures for the Report was out of the question.  So I put together the November 2nd Reports from 2001 with 2016 from my front porch.  Maybe tomorrow.   The… Read more »

Vol XVI – #195 – Meggen’s Monday

A perfect, crisp, clear fall day is here… perfect for watching various wildlife in Leland harbor: salmon swimming and jumping upriver, heron swooping over the breakwater, gulls flying about. Best wishes on this Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples Day!

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