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Leland Report for Thursday, August 28, 2014
One Year Ago... A Very Special Place

 Vol XlV #151                                                                                                                           

Report # 4780 ~ Photo: LR8-28-14 ~ Registered Users.... 6915

6:00 am. ~ 54° ~ Clear ~ Wind: S SW at 1 mph ~ Humidity: 84%

Sunrise is at 7:00 am ~ Ave. Low is 56°~Record Low is 48°(1986)

3:00 pm. ~ 66° ~ Partly Cloudy ~ Wind: N NE at 7 mph ~ Humidity: 42%

Sunset is at 8:27 pm ~ Ave. High is 77° ~ Record High is 91° (1991)

Moonphase: Waxing Crescent ~ Pressure: 30.16 in ~ Dew Point: 42° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles

Daylight: 13H 27M


Big Blue’s Temperature at Van’s Beach: 62°


Forecast for 8/29/14 – Rain/Thunder ~ High 75° ~ Low 66°

One of our charter boat captains had an unpleasant surprise in the early morning darkness when he crashed into a large cruiser parked outside the break wall without lights turned on.  Apparently no injuries but some big buck damages.  Someone was asleep at the (light) switch.

Another beautiful day with the prospects of rain on the way tomorrow.  Dr. Jerry met Biscuit on the beach and asked him to say ahh 


Community Thoughts
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From Island Tom on 8/28/2014 
It looks like an intense "Doctor" look, not just a "Hello, fella, how ya' doin?" pleasantry. Too bad about the collision. Running lights are a good thing. Another nice-looking day in the land of de-light! And don't forget the Bridge walk!!!
From Easydoesit on 8/28/2014 
He must be a nice doctor as Biscuit looks happy to see him. BTW - I was looking through old posts and comments as I am wont to do. I find it interesting and I came across one from April 2, 2001. Apparently Mrs. B. was suggesting a dog would be nice to have. I quote from our editor/photographer-in-chief: "I really don't think I want a dog. Or do I? No, I don't!". There are whole lot of us - maybe 6915 people - who are glad you changed your mind.
From RDinNV on 8/28/2014 
Where's the 'like' button for this comment? LOL
From Wally....Northport on 8/28/2014 
Interesting comment Easy. We long time followers know that Biscuit is actually dog #2 since Mr Keith's 2001 comment. Another dog, who's name escapes me, was adopted by Keith and Joanne. Unlike Biscuit, he was very high-strung and difficult to tame. If I remember correctly, he escaped his owner one day never to be seen again. Biscuit's adoption was a favor for another man and as it turns out, a favor to humanity.
From Easydoesit on 8/29/2014 
I remember that earlier dog too, Wally, and often wondered what happened to him.
From CRpeg on 8/28/2014 
Whew! Glad to see there is a sandy beach left. Yesterday's pics made this beach walker worried!
From Harry P on 8/29/2014 
Sorry news regarding the collision. An anchor light is pretty critical (and legally required) in navigable waters including inland lakes. I keep a $10 360 degree portable "flashlight" they make for small craft (like a rowboat) on board as a backup in case the primary fails. It's that important... sad to say that was proven outside the break wall.
From DickM/E.Leland on 8/29/2014 
Any word on who the charter boat/captain was? Obviously on his way out to fish with expectant fishermen. Hope his vessel wasn't put out of action--still some fishing weather left on Big Blue.
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