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A two part article about "Year By the Sea" directed by Leland regular Xandy Janko is up at: http://www.artistasylum.com/blog/2015/5/thats-a-wrap
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Leland Report for Wednesday, May 27, 2015
One Year Ago... Nothing Like Yesterday
Vol XV #060
Report #5170 ~ Photo: LR5-27-15 ~ Registered Users... 6988
6:00 a.m. ~
61° ~ Partly Cloudy ~ Wind: Southwest at 12 mpg ~ Humidity: 75%
Sunrise is at 6:03 am ~ Ave. Low is 44° ~ Record Low is 26° (1992)
6:00 p.m. ~
62° ~ Rain ~ Wind: West at 9 mph ~ Humidity: 83%
Sunset is at 9:18 pm ~ Ave. High is
69° ~ Record High is 78° (1991)
Moonphase: Waxing Gibbous ~ Pressure: 29.92in~ Dew Point: 57
° ~ Visibility: 7 Miles
Daylight: 15 Hrs 12 Mns

Forecast for 5/28/2015 - Partly Cloudy, High: 69° F - Low: 59° F

Most of the day was a wet one and wouldn't you know it that the sun just came out. 

Community Thoughts
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From Gondorff on 5/27/2015 
looks more like it
From Judy in Grand Blanc on 5/27/2015 
Are those pics from the Cove Cam? I like the wet one, good texture! HaHaHa...sorry. :)
From Bill Hahn Down South near Chelsea on 5/27/2015 
SSuperb! What there is about moving water, big water or very little creeks, salt or fresh I'm not sure. My reasons are likely the same as those which move other folks. The grace of water crashing as lakeside/seaside waves, the sound thereby created I don't know. Perhaps its one or all of them. Do I like still water? You bet. The is a peacefulness that calms the mind and soul. I'm so grateful to the creators of The Leland Reports for bringing a daily view of our inland sea which most people seldom see whether in November ferocity or June peacefulness. All the best to all One last observation: This afternoon at almost exactly 3pm a sudden thunderstorm visited us with little warning and then hail almost the size of golfballs. It lasted about 2 minutes. It the biggest stuff I've ever seen. Shortly after it left, we got a call from the National Weather Service asking us all about it. They saw it on radar.
From Jim Burnham on 5/27/2015 
Thanks, Bill!
From wyndomhill on 5/27/2015 
Always wonderful to see your photos!
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