Monthly Archives: February 2016

Vol XV # 338 – Meggen’s Monday

Leap day is here! Do something fun today. We awoke to another 2″ of wet, heavy snow. The “warm” temps of yesterday dropped below freezing, with wind out of a northerly direction. By afternoon, however, we are seeing bright sun against that snow! I’m adding a few more photos from the Joy’s return trip to Leland. Plus, if you would… Read more »

Vol XV # 337 – Home Again

Wow, record high for today was 47 degrees in 1983 and at the moment it is 50 degrees. We were gifted with partial sunshine earlier and it is a nice day so far, but my “Dark Sky” app just informed me that drizzle will be starting in 20 minutes along with light snow (0 – 1 inch) from 6 pm to… Read more »

Vol XV # 336 – There Is JOY in Fishtown

How nice it was to awaken to clear skies and rising temperatures.  It lasted the morning and by early afternoon… mostly cloudy.  The wind is still a major factor, but a impending storm with prospects of 22 inches of new has been shelved, at least for the moment. I missed the JOY being returned to Fishtown as I drove to… Read more »

Vol XV # 335 – Big Blue’s Island Alter

Overnight Big Blue throttled down a whole bunch of mph’s.  People who come down here to the shoreline often pause for a minute or two facing the islands and look like they are saying a few words before heading south. Below a group of ice boaters preparing for a great day on probably the best ice conditions in years.       … Read more »

Vol XV # 334 – Big Blow, But No Snow

No snow at get-up time, just a lot of wind gusting to over 30.  We live downhill to the western breezes and hear the roar but don’t feel the full force of it as it goes high over our heads.  At the shoreline is another story.  It’s difficult at times for me to stay on my feet, especially when I’m taking a… Read more »

Vol XV # 333 – Sunrise Over the Old Boathouse

So far the nasty weather hasn’t reached us.  The “Dark Sky” app on my iPhone says light snow starting around midnight with accumulation of less than an inch.  I have found this app far more accurate than the TV weather persons.  At the moment, radar shows much of the southern parts of the state getting hammered.         

Vol XV #332 – A Nice Day In Spite of it Getting Cloudy

A nice quiet morning with a lot of blue in the sky and hardly a ripple on Big Blue.  A lot of conversation and speculation about a weather system sweeping from the Southwest with heavy wet snow tomorrow night.  They think it will hit the southeastern upper half of the lower peninsula, another model suggests that it will hit the… Read more »

Vol XV #330 – Things People Can Do On a Nice Sunday

A mostly cloudy day with some here and there sunshine.  Below, the inset shows how different the beach is contrasted with a year ago, yet this winter is just as wintery as last year.  Certainly, rock collecting wasn’t an option.  

Vol XV #329 – Things You Can Do On Saturday

A beautiful sunrise this morning was a pleasant greeting to what has become a very nice day.  The clouds probably have been the most interesting.  Ice has been the most challenging.  Rain last night melted the snow layer on the path to South Beach leaving it solid ice and sent me home.  The warmer temperatures are melting the snow, which makes… Read more »