Monthly Archives: March 2016

Vol XVI # 002- Down By the Riverside

A very tough day to go out and take a picture, the thought being, take a picture of what?  A drizzly morning with limited visibility.  Besides, it was really chilly, especially with a north wind.  This is not a new situation because for the past 15 years I’ve had a lot days just like today.   So what do I do?…  I go and… Read more »

Vol XVI # 001- First Day of the 16th Year

It never entered my mind that morning, March 30th, 2001 that I would be posting the 5,477th Leland Report 15 years later.  It wasn’t in the plan because there was no plan, some things just happen.  Today the LR begins it’s 16th year as I work on my 84th.  I don’t think about when this ends as it is part of my daily… Read more »

Vol XV # 366 – Final Day of the 15th Year

We are having a nice day to wind up our 15th Leland Report year.  It would be nicer if it was a little warmer, but that will come. I discovered that this past April the Leland Reports # was wrong and some how ended up today with 367 days when it should be 366 (Leap Year added)    

Vol XV # 366 – Meggen’s Monday

Even when it’s gray and rainy, this area offers up beautiful views. When the sky is almost the same color as the water (in fog or in bright sun), we call it an “infinity day” – it’s hard to discern where one ends and the other begins. The past couple of days have been bright and sunny: great for trudging… Read more »

Vol XV # 364 – A Great Saturday

   (Report by Jim) It was a beautiful 60 sunny degrees today so we went out rock hunting with a few others out on South Beach. What was a significant snowfall has turned into not so much with all the warm weather. The deputy that wrote up my deer collision was the same one that has given me my last three… Read more »

Vol XV # 363 – A Really Good Friday

  It stopped snowing last night around 10, which means it had snowed for 24 hours.  There were reports of 18 inches in various locations.  That being said, it was mentally the worst winter event ever, when I had convinced myself that winter was over three weeks ago.  It wasn’t over , I know that now. As I was rejoicing this morning about… Read more »

Vol XV # 362 – 24 Hours Later

It started snowing last night around 10 and at the moment it’s still snowing with a total so far of about 4 inches.  A lot better than the 18 inches forecast.  Some parts of the lower got nailed with 15.  Down south got power outages due to icing.  Current snow falling is on the light side, hopefully stays that way.  I’m… Read more »

Vol XV # 361 – Waking Up Tomorrow… 5 to10 or More

It has been a very nice early Spring day so far, 40 degrees, periods of sunshine, but soon to return to Winter.  Heavy wet snow is predicted for the overnight hours with threat of power outages.  Hopefully we will have internet access for the Report.        

Vol XV # 360 – Winter Storm Watch

Not a bad day at all, some sunshine for an hour.  Every once in awhile you can find a patch of snow that hasn’t melted yet, you would think that maybe winter was over… it ain’t.  We are under a winter storm warning with the threat of 6 to 10 inches by Thursday night. Below… Congratulations to Leland native son,… Read more »