Monthly Archives: April 2016

Vol XVI # 031 – Have a Cup a Coffee

  A cloudy, breezy beginning to what has become a beautiful April day.  Still on the chilly side, but the weekend promises to be better.  Leland shops that were closed for the winter are beginning to open for the season.  Biscuit and I stopped by Blue Boat Coffee to say hello to Joe and Greta Campo.  Joe is co-owner along with Nels… Read more »

Vol XVI # 030 – When Winter is Really Over

A busy day that left me scrambling for pictures to take for this report.  Van’s Beach and South Beach were easy because Biscuit and I are there every morning.  On Reynolds Street, the snow is collected from all over town and dumped there until it melts.        

Vol XVI # 029 – What’s Happening Around Town?

A lot of activity around town getting Leland ready for the season.  Above… Manitou Transit is rebuilding the dock.  Below… the firehouse in it’s latest stages.  Lawn care workers cleaning up everywhere.  Store owners getting their businesses ready.  It’s still a little chilly, but I’m sure it will warm up, it always does.        

Vol XVI # 027 – Meggen’s Monday

The Joy’s fishing season is officially underway: the watermen set the first trap net over the weekend. And, if “April showers bring May flowers,” we should be expecting beautiful flowers in this area!      

Vol XVI # 026 – Rain Is Here For a Couple Of Days

The absence of wind in the early morning coolness was appreciated.  Shortly after noon, rain began and Fishtown was vacant except for customers of the Cheese & Fish Shanties.  Light rain falling is a good reason for not being there.             

Vol XVI # 025 – Saturday in Leland

Another nice beginning to a late April day, but on the cool side.  Not a ripple on Carp River, providing a mirror image of the Library and Museum.  South Beach was host to the Saturday Rockers.  The afternoon became clouded over and rain is promised for tomorrow.