Monthly Archives: April 2016

Vol XVI # 012 – A Cold and Not So Nice Day

One of those days that you want to sit by the fire and watch the “Master’s”.  Today’s pictures are from mid-morning after an light overnight snow which recovered the ground after the last overnight snow melted.  The most irritating thing about today is the wind gusting out of the southeast at 22 to 28 mph and the temperature at freezing.  I made my… Read more »

Vol XVI # 011 – A Beautiful Cold Day

A beautiful, but cold day, Fishtown became alive with visitors.  Reflections, Carlson’s Fish Shanty and Dave’s Cheese Shanty were open for business and customers they had.  In spite of the degrees, the picnic tables were occupied.  Rain and snow are forecasted for tomorrow, the winter of 16/17 continues.  

Vol XVI # 010 – A Phonogenic Day

  Another one of those in-between clippers day. That beautiful blue sky is clouding up in preparation of another clipper system on it’s way.  In spite of the cold, the sun is high enough to melt the last snow preparing it for the next… irritating.  The TV weather persons show warming a couple of days away, never tomorrow, always couple… Read more »

Vol XVI # 008 – Winter Ends When Winter Ends

The pictures say it all… what a miserable day. Another clipper coming tomorrow morning.  With vast swings in the temperature, I think there would be concerns about apples, cherries and grapes which are going to bud soon.  Memories of 2014, when we had, 257 inches of total snowfall on this date.  We were well into May before the ice on… Read more »

Vol XVI # 007 – Sunny Today… Snow Tomorrow

Blue dominated the sky this morning playing host to a few lingering clouds continuing for the rest of the afternoon. In spite of the temperatures being in the lower 20’s, the sun managed to melt half of the last clipper snow, just in time to make room for the next clipper. Received an Email from Biff Steel with news that… Read more »

Vol XVI # 003 – April Fools Day

No April Fools Day jokes today, in the past we have had a lot a fun, especially with our Sheriff’s Department    Below are the LR’s for April first, 2001 to 2015.  No foolin, today is a beautiful April 1st.  The weather people are predicting 3 clippers before the weekend is over and that’s no foolin.