Monthly Archives: August 2016

Vol XVI – #155 – Along the Road

  Most of my pictures are taken in Fishtown, Van’s Beach or from the bridge over the River Carp.  I don’t have the mobility of yester year, today’s pictures were taken from behind the steering wheel.  On a day like this, no matter where you go, there’s a picture to be taken.   

Vol XVI – #154 – Another One of Those Beautiful Leelanau Days

The age of the visitors to Leland has changed as the families with school age children are back at home and the older generations are on the move. It’s amazing how many arrive on 2 wheels decked out in full leather.   I used to have a motorcycle… rode it here in the Leelanau wearing shorts, tee shirt, tennis shoes –… Read more »

Vol XVI – #150 – On the Sunnyside of the Dock

Normally the pictures for the report are taken in the morning or at noon, today mid afternoon after a long session in the Big City By the Bay.   Incredible cloud formations all day which waited for me to get back home. Great to catch the Cove’s water taxi in motion.  What kind of an afternoon was it?… Great!     … Read more »

Vol XVI – #149 – On the Way Back From Suttons Bay… Farms Along the Way

  To Suttons Bay and back this morning for a pre-op physical.  Going to have cataract surgery early next month, I really don’t know what the Leland Report will be, hopefully son Jim can make some magic happen from central Illinois.  Joanne and I enjoyed lunch at the Cove, always a pleasant experience, especially the service.         

Vol XVI – #147 – Blue Heron Tuesday

After a brief overnight shower, the morning began with puffy whites and a light breeze.  A tree that has been for the past year a monument to the August 2, 2015 storm at Lake and Pearl, was history by mid morning. The picture of the Blue Heron was actually taken yesterday after the Sheriff alerted me that it was across… Read more »

Vol XVI – #146 – Meggen’s Monday

  This morning, the harbor flew a small craft advisory pennant. The Manitou Passage is likely to be rough, even if it doesn’t appear too bad from shore. I always enjoy looking out at the islands no matter what’s going on with the wind, rain, and sunshine. Today as they often do, the tips of the islands seem to float… Read more »