Monthly Archives: September 2016

Vol XVI – #183 – Nothing But Blue Sky Do I See

  It’s been a couple of dark and windy days but blue sky do I see.  Looking north from South Beach you can see the beach covered with stones, a rocker’s paradise.  All created by the strong wind driven waves crashing against the bluff wall.  The ladder shows how high that wall has been formed.  The picture below shows how… Read more »

Vol XVI – #181 – Meggen’s Monday

  Some nights offer a beauty of their own. Just before moonrise four days ago, fast-moving clouds caught that light, and I set up the shot at the top. It’s a 30-second exposure to capture cloud movement. Milky Way, below. And a fish net. Just because. (Note that today, Monday, is cloudy, windy, and rainy.)   

Vol XVI – #180 – People Enjoying a Beautiful Day in the Land of Delight

   A beautiful day in the Land of Delight then Clouds moved in mid afternoon with rain forecasted for tomorrow.  We put the boat away and attached the top on the Jeep.  Biscuit and I enjoyed 5 months riding around roofless, but the mornings are getting cooler and more rain is in the forecasts.   

Vol XVI – #176 – Rain Possible South of M72

At sunrise the southern sky looked very threatening, this being supported by TV weather persons calling for rain south of the Big City by the Bay.  Our visit to Van’s Beach showed clearing to the Northwest.  I really don’t know if it ever rained south of M72. The crowds have disappeared from town and of course Fishtown too. This will… Read more »