Monthly Archives: October 2017

Vol XVII – #212 – Meggen’s Monday

  The sun keeps peeking through the clouds. It’s a typical fall day. Lots of muted oranges and reds.     It’s with great sadness that we announce the passing of Bob Wellborn. The picture below to the right, was taken in 1961, Beach House toga party.     

Vol XVII – #210 – Off to the Islands

  In spite of the miserable wet weather, Fishtown was a busy place to be.  The Cheese Shanty was busy selling out their inventory of meats and stuff.  This is the last weekend I think for most of Fishtown business. The Mishe Mokwa headed for islands with deer hunters. Tomorrow… party time in Fishtown… 1 to 3pm.                     

Vol XVII – #206 – Wind, Rain, Flood Warnings and Falling Temperatures

Overnight rainfall totaled 5 or more inches with wind gusting over 50 mph. Fishtown was shut down with the exception of Carlson’s. I popped in as Alan was being interviewed and photographed. A blustery day.           

Vol XVII – #205 – Meggen’s Monday

A playful post for an October Monday, returning to still-above-average, but closer-to-average temps. Sometimes it’s fun to play with optics in a familiar place such as Fishtown. Three of today’s images are of a glass sphere, which captures its surroundings and presents them upside-down. So yes, the backgrounds are inverted to make the foregrounds inside the sphere, right side up. I… Read more »