Monthly Archives: December 2017

Vol XVII – #274 – It’s Been a Very Good Year

Leelanau County was the only county in Michigan getting snowed on yesterday and all last night, ending  about a  hour ago.  I think Leland received a foot of new.  Received Leif’s Suttons Bay Snow Report, will get County report on Wednesday. Wishing all a Happy New Year!      

Vol XVII – #272 – What’s New?… Another Two

  All the weather reports say the same thing… ” this lake effect system is here to stay for awhile”.  I hope it isn’t when Big Blue freezes over.       Biscuit and his new friend “Smiley” enjoy some winter fun this morning.      

Vol XVII – #269 – The Kind of Weather You Get the End of January

  January is still 5 days away and the Winter weather is as bad as any I have experienced.  Wind, snow (whiteouts), cold, making venturing outside a miserable experience. 4-wheel drive is a must getting up my driveway. Can’t get anywhere near Van’s Beach and picture taking is from out the Jeep window.  The sun made brief appearance around 1 pm…. Read more »

Vol XVII – #267 – A Merry Christmas Eve

(Report by Jim) The Christmas Eve family party was a Riverside IL thing for as long as I can remember. As my cousins moved northward one by one, the tradition moved to Leland (and to Northport this year). It’s what we all have in common going back four generations (depending on who you ask). So, from our family to yours,… Read more »