Vol XIX – #330 -Blues and Reds

Report #3830 Photo: LR3-1-2020

 JB98020 LR200301

Rain Shower
07:0620:21 EDT
Feels like: 39°F
Wind: 10mph SW
Humidity: 91%
Pressure: 29.61"Hg
UV index: 0
min 35°F
Vol XIX - #329 - Leap Day
Vol XIX - #331 -Meggen's Monday

 JB98068 LR200301

If you are looking for ice castles, this is about the best you’ll get. (It’s an optical trick, they aren’t more than 1″ high). Empire Beach is in the process of getting some final blocks added to the edge of the parking lot. The waves are currently hitting the new steel wall.

 JB98071 LR200301

These are part of the old Empire Lumber Co. building at the entrance to the park. You’ll recognize the barn below if you ever travel M22 around Pyramid Point.

 JB98077 LR200301

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