Van’s beach in Winter. Leland Report 2/25/2013

Welcome to The Leland Report 2020 Snow Gauge Contest


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  • One guess per person, please! (Subsequent entries will be ignored. You cannot change your guess)
  • Entries will end at midnight on 1/6/2020
  • Guesses can be in partial inches like 111.52" but really, is hundreths really necessary? 😉
  • If it's snowing at midnight EST on 4/30/20, I will wait until it stops before we take an official measurement. Let's hope for our sake it's NOT snowing that late in the season.
  • Remember, this is a measurement taken by the Grand Traverse Road Commission and is not by any means an exact science and is not corroborated by any meteorological experts.
  • Person who guesses the closest without going over wins
  • Ties will be determined by time of entry


  1. First Place: TBA (You'll know when I do, but it will be unique and cool)
  2. Second Place: Choice of an autographed Book or 11x14 Leland Report Photo or Pen and Ink print
  3. Third Place: Fishtown Preservation Hat, Mug, Coasters and note cards)

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Last year the Grand Traverse Road Commission ended the 18-19 snowfall season with 154". Judy Gaff Armstrong won the 2019 contest with a guess of 149". Currently, the latest measurement for 2019-20 is 37.5" (not counting the snowfall on 12/28). That puts it around the same as last year, but that means squat, this is Michigan and anything can happen in the next four months.

Place your guess for the final total accumulation (in inches, without going over) as of 4/30/2020 (or until we deem it impossible for it to snow again). The contest will run from 12/30/19 through midnight 1/6/20. Final measurement will be locked in at midnight EST 4/30/20 (or when we decide it will not snow again).

First prize this year with be a surprise! In fact, you will know what the prize will be when I do! Second prize is a signed Leland Report book (or photo print if you already have a book). Third prize is some goodies from the Fishtown Preservation Society (hat, mug, coasters, note cards). Good Luck and good guessing! 

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