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Vol XVIII – #135 – What Kind of a Day Was It?

              It started out cloudy with the temperature around 70 degrees.  Out of the grey sky came a motorized kite. Someone told him to “Go fly a kite” and he did. By noon the skies turned blue and another beautiful Fishtown day.                  

Vol XVIII – #132 – Walking Van’s Beach in the Morning

      .   What a way to start the day.  Morning is a special time in Leland.  There are joggers, runners, bikers, dog walkers and couples out walking. The charter boats are out on the water fishing. It’s a busy time.                

Vol XVIII – #131 – On the Street Where We Live… M22

      Regardless of what direction, North or South, Leland is a one way in, one way out kind of town. M22 is a major scenic route, 12 months out of the year. Biscuit and I drive into town every morning and take a picture of Fishtown and say “Good Morning Leland” along with the temperature. We visit Fishtown… Read more »