Vol XIX – #157 – Droned Up North

Report by Jim Leaving for Illinois this morning. I am going to try to drone a bit down state if the weather holds. There was some nice patchy sun up at the tip of the peninsula until it clouded over quite a bit. Always a treat to spend time up here. I’ll be back up for the color. Heading to… Read more »

Vol XIX – #156 – Fred Pretrosky Remembered

Report by Jim There was a show at the Old Art Building today celebrating the work of Fred Petrosky, one of our favorite painters who passed away last year. He loved to paint local characters, my Dad being one of them.  The building below on Center Hwy between Suttons Bay and Traverse City is marked as a historic site, but… Read more »

Vol XIX – #155 – What’s the Point

Report by Jim It’s been a couple of decades since I walked down the trail from the Pyramid Point Overlook down to the bowls. When I was a kid, people used to hang glide off the overlook. Now it’s a bit easier with parasailing. The wind was brisk up the side of the dune and provides needed uplift. Unfortunately for… Read more »