Vol. XX – #219 – Meggen’s Monday

Thank you. Thanks for loving Leelanau County as much (or more) than we do, and for returning to catch a glimpse of this beautiful place. Before I relocated here in 2010, I would check the Leland Report as often as I could. Staring into those pictures, I could imagine the sand between my toes, the splash of the waves, the… Read more »

Vol. XX – #218 – A Going Forward Kind of Day

by Sheen Watkins The woodland trail walk. Fall’s last hurrah. I’m on this wood trail multiple times per week. As it’s deeper in the woods, color change is a bit later. I didn’t run there today as we had 36mph winds last night. I’m thinking it’s going look a bit different tomorrow. Change is constant. Change is beautiful. Exploring. Driving…. Read more »

Vol. XX – #217 – Meggen’s Monday

The northern end of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore has some marvelous hiking trails, some well-marked, others not so much. What I have noticed this year more than others, is the presence of swales and marshes that never quite dried up across the summer. Today’s photos are from a late Saturday afternoon hike north of Little Traverse Lake, along Lake… Read more »

Vol. XX – #216 – Windy Blast From the Past

(Report by Jim) I hear it’s been pretty stormy up in the county this week, especially today with lots of power outages! I hope everyone is safe and with some sort of backup power, or a warm fireplace. Here are some unpublished favorites from other Novembers on the Leland Report. When it gets windy, I hit the breakwall. But these… Read more »

Vol. XX – #215 – Hello Sheen Watkins

(Report by Sheen Watkins – First Post!) There are colors and moments in nature you just can’t make up. Sunset the other night was afire in color. The aqua water of Lake Michigan on Van’s beach looked like the color of vintage blue milk glass. This sunset was one for the memory bank. Mother Nature is brilliant. Fall’s last hurrah…. Read more »

Vol. XX – #214 – Old Leland

(Report by Jim) Today’s photos older than most of the early 1900s shots we’ve shown here. These are part of a collection that Marv Anderson let me scan many years ago. I thought these might be Beebe images (possibly the Glen Arbor shot below), but the handwriting is different. Though I think these are too early to be Erhardt Peters…. Read more »

Vol. XX – #213 – Meggen’s Monday

Today’s photos are from a hike around Sleeping Bear Point in the national lakeshore. This weekend held amazing, warm weather (albeit a bit breezy), and lots of people enjoyed the great outdoors in Leelanau County.  Sad news dept: We received word from Mary Ball that George Ball passed away peacefully last Thursday.     The Leland Report 2021 Calendar is… Read more »

Vol. XX – #212 – Puffballs and Sour Grapes

Report by No. 1 Son Unusually warm weather was bestowed upon us here in God’s Country this week, and I took an opportunity on Tuesday to hike the trails through Houdek Dunes Natural Area (this time without getting soaked by rain). I happened upon a cluster of puffball mushrooms clearly on their way out for the season. Today, I encountered some… Read more »

Vol. XX – #211 – Meggen’s Monday

Sometimes Lake Michigan kicks up – this weekend has been a remarkable example of that! Many in the area are still without electricity due to downed trees. The Good Captain (JP) and I went up to the Grand Traverse Lighthouse to examine the waves… were greeted by model skeletons… pelted by hail… and became quite chilly in a matter of… Read more »

Vol. XX – #210 – Some History by Erhardt Peters

(Report by Jim) Happy Halloween! Hope everyone is enjoying the Blue Moon and having as much fun as you can during these trying times. I remembered we haven’t shown any Erhardt Peters photos in a while. These are prints that are part of the collection of 778 photos we helped raise funds to purchase as a donation to the Leelanau… Read more »