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XVIII – #415 – Meggen’s Monday

  As today is rainy, I’ll share a couple of photos from Saturday. At the Leland Food & Wine Festival, we had a banner day, and the fire truck was there, with ladder extended. After I finished my volunteer stint pouring Verterra’s wines and ciders, I wandered over and asked a question to which I already knew the answer: “do… Read more »

XVIII – #402 – Meggen’s Monday – Memorial Day

Taking today to reflect, with gratitude, all who answered the call to serve our great nation. In particular those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. We remember. May we all find a moment to pause, hand on heart, this Memorial Day. It’s worth noting that the Leelanau Conservancy’s Houdek Dunes hosts beautiful ladies slippers and these should come into bloom in… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #369 – Meggen’s Monday

    A big part of Joel’s world is the family fishing operation in Muskegon, about 150 miles to the south of Leland. Over the past few weeks, they have been setting nets, to ramp up for the whitefish-fishing season. These photos are from Easter morning when the men returned to Muskegon after a very early morning to set another… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #323 – Meggen’s Monday

There is something enormously satisfying in driving an hour on a partly cloudy day, to witness a spectacular sunset. The two photos above are from last night at Point Betsie (by Frankfort). While it wasn’t terribly windy, I was startled by the wind chill (and so was my camera). To see the ice-covered shrubs turn orange-pink as the sun slipped… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #316 – Meggen’s Monday

I thought I would park by the Merc and walk down to the harbor mid-day on Sunday. I stuck my head around the corner of the building and promptly changed my mind! The photo above was taken from the car, with window open, right down by the harbor. The waves crashed to magnificent height and the force of the wind… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #312 – Meggen’s Monday

We have all enjoyed visiting Fishtown to see the roofline lights over the last week, illuminated in celebration of Fishtown Preservation Society paying off its initial mortgage. Congratulations to FPS and all who contributed over the last dozen years!  I went out Friday night to take another round of photos of the lights, and noted a serious wind chill coming… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #305 – Meggen’s Monday

  Today, let’s talk about the infamous combination of snow and dirt, or “snirt,” which decorates our shorelines. You need both rain boots and ice spikes to walk around safely and stay dry. It’ll freeze again soon. Keep the spikes handy!