Questions that I think you want to ask

Why the change?
Change is hard to handle sometimes, we know. There are many reasons, one was to bring back the email subscription. Another reason is that I don’t want to reprogram this site in 10 years. I’d rather spend my time doing more important things. It took me a week to put this site together with WordPress. It would take me months to do the same thing from scratch.

Do I have to register to leave a comment?
No, all you have to do is enter a name and an email (this is not made public). You do not have to register. However, registering makes it easier to leave comments. If you are on Facebook or Google, you can register with those credentials.

9 thoughts on “Help

  1. Warren Steel

    Jim, I have ordered Leland calendars in the past, and would like to do so again, as a gift to my brother. When I try to check out, I expect to enter a credit card number, but I get a command to register. I’ve already registered for Leland Report (long ago) and also to Word Press through Google. Why do I need yet another login password? Can’t I just send you a check and a shipping address? What else do I need? Thanks, David Warren Steel

  2. Avery

    I tried a week or so ago, but didn’t check so don’t know whether anyone responded. I would like to see the whole 9timed? airbrushed? something else?) photo of Big Blue that appears to be your “desktop” photo under this info page. Is that possible?

  3. Ray Bednark

    Keith and Jim is there a way that my name can be put on the list for the new book THE LELAND REPORT? This is a great website and we enjoy all the pictures you have been displaying and would enjoy the book. Please advise and thank both of you.

    1. Jim Burnham Post author

      John, if this is a favorite that you have created, edit the address and just make it “” That will correct your issue.


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