Vol XVI # 045 – Friday the 13th

Report #5519 Photo: LR_5-13-16

LR 05-13-2016

.6:00 am ~ 46° ~ Cloudy  ~ Wind: West at 4 mph~ Humidity:82%
Sunrise is at 6:15 am ~ Ave. Low is 40° ~ Record Low is 27° (1992)
2:10 pm – 54° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: West at 12 mph ~ humidity: 61%
Sunset is at 9:04 pm ~ Ave. High is 65° ~ Record High is 82° (1991)
Moonphase: First Quarter ~ Pressure: 29.90 in~ Dew Point: 41° ~ Visibility: 8 Miles
Daylight: 14 Hrs  49 Mns
Forecast for 5/14/16 – Few Showers-  High: 55° – Low:38°



A cloudy startup with interesting patterns.  Crossing the bridge over the Carp River I saw today’s main picture.  Looking west out over Fishtown there was blue sky. Late morning provided that sunshine to bask in.  But, it’s still Spring and it changes by the hour if not the minute.  Tomorrow the forecast promises cooler air with rain or snow showers possible. 






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Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
6 years ago

Love the clouds, and fun to see the trees in bloom. Will be up next weekend for a wedding, hoping for warmer weather, well just a little would be great!

6 years ago

Cloud photo of the day was spectacular?!
Great to see the cherry trees in blossom; hopefully it won’t get too cold to affect them.