The Story Next Door

Jim Burnham    February 17, 2016    5 Comments on The Story Next Door
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Retired Television Producer Scott Craig believes everyone has a story to be told, and he tells the extraordinary tales of everyday people in northern Michigan through The Story Next Door, a radio series he created for Interlochen Public Radio and later turned into a book of the same name.

5 thoughts on “The Story Next Door

  1. Larry Howell

    With regards to Story Next Door, the MUSIC is so loud that I cannot hear the stories . Every so often, the music stops for a couple of seconds and I can hear it clearly. Is there anything that can be done to remove the music?

    1. Jim Burnham Post author

      Larry, we get the files directly from The radio station where they are recorded. I don’t know if there is anything we can do about the volume levels.

      1. Bill Laskey

        How do I subscribe to Scott Craig’s episodes. Does he post direct or only on your website? What is his email address. Thanks, Bill


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