Vol XVII – #041 – Tuesday

Report #5875 Photo: LR_5-09-17
TLR-0170509-sunset Leland-8796

Has anyone noticed how far north the sun is setting right now?

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Vol XVII - #040 - Jim's Monday
Vol XVII - #042 - Warming Up

There’s nothing quite like returning home to a beautiful sunset. I often find, however, that if you turn around and look at what the sunlight is hitting, you might also be in for a treat.  



TLR-20170509-shadowplay Champion Tree Leland-8819

Champion Tree Trunk Reflects Setting Sunlight


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Jeff in Paw Paw
Jeff in Paw Paw
4 years ago

I’ve noticed the sun tracking north during sunset. Sure sign summer is almost here!

susan gits
susan gits
4 years ago


Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
4 years ago

Meggan, you’ve done it again!

Both shots are great!