Vol XX – #040 – In Some Trees and Under Water

Report #3895 Photo: LR5-9-2020
20200505 164721 LR200505

Birch Trees on the trail at Clay Cliffs Natural Area

8:08am6:46pm EDT
Feels like: 39°F
Wind: 14mph N
Humidity: 71%
Pressure: 29.99"Hg
UV index: 0
Vol XX - #039 - Along Lake Michigan On a Windy Day
Vol XX - #041 - Happy Mother's Day
 JB99629 LR200509

Bay View Loop view. Enjoy it while you can

(Report by Jim)
Some more nice clouds today, so I headed up to Bay View to get a good look. There are quite a few new houses up there compared to the last time I drove up so it’s possible;e this view will be someone else’s in the not too distant future. I headed down to the south side of Fishtown to see the shanty that is being lifted. It has an inch of water on the inside but I see the I-beams ready to go in the parking lot. You can help at: https://fishtownmi.org/campaign

20200505 171135 LR200505

The dark shapes you see to the right of the shanty are Chinook Salmon, I believe. I could not get a decent view of them as they swam under the buildings, but they were big.

20200505 171239 LR200505

The snow showers were on and off yesterday. This is what I woke up to.

20200508 085801 LR200508

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Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
1 year ago

What’s going on? This is the 9th of May.