Vol XV #225 – Sunday Whatever

Report #5335 Photo: LR_11-87-15

LR 11-08-2015

6:00 am ~ 40° ~ Cllear ~ Wind: W SW at 1 mph ~ Humidity:85%
Sunrise is at 7:31 am ~ Ave. Low is 35° ~ Record Low is 9° (1992)
3:00 pm. ~ 54° ~ Sunny ~ Wind: Southwest at 13 gusting to 26 mph~ Humidity: 55%
Sunset is at 5:22 pm ~ Ave. High is 51° ~ Record High is 72° (2008) 
Moonphase: Waning Crescent ~ Pressure:30.29 in ~ Dew Point: 32° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles
Daylight: 9 Hrs, 51 Mns

Forecast for 11/09/2015 – Sunny, High: 52° F- Low:31° F

Vol XV #224 - November Clouds
Vol XV #226 - Meggen's Monday


Today’s  clear blue sky compared with yesterday’s clouds is a downer.  Clear blue skies are kinda boring.  Not much incentive for seeking out a pretty picture to take.  Besides my mind is on other things I have to do outside on such a nice clear blue day. 





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7 Comments on "Vol XV #225 – Sunday Whatever"

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Ken Willis

That’s a heckava low for tomorrow night, eh?

Jim Burnham

Shorts weather 🙂

Sara Leeland

Wonder-full pics! Finding Leland Report every day lifts my spirits. I grew up in Leland, left for college in 1955….and otherwise rely on my once-a-year visits to renew my impressions of this beloved place.

Ginny in Connecticut

We visited my grandmother, Katherine Cordes, and our Cordes cousins in Leland every summer. You must have known some of them. It was such a wonderful place to grow up. I have to ask… is your last name really Leeland, or is that a play on words?

Jim Burnham

Sara has been with us for a while. Pretty sure that’s her real name 🙂

Judy in Grand Blanc

Thanks for sharing the bright blue Land of Delight, and taking time out to take the pics!

Dick,in Rankin

When you don’t feel like going out, draw something from the archives.
Most of us wouldn’t care.