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Vol XVI – #341 – Sunny For Awhile

 The morning began with a strong wind out of the Southwest  and cloudy sky.  Mid-morning the sky turned blue and the wind subsided.  Then the blue returned to gray, good by to a beautiful day. I thought it would be fun to see what kind of day it was like in the past on this date.  The picture below was taken… Read more »

Vol XVI – #128 – What Can You Say…?

  Except that it’s a very nice day.  Reminder: Keith and Jim will be down in Fishtown from 2-5pm on Saturday 8/6 to sell and sign books. $1 from every sale of the book goes to the Fishtown Preservation Society. That’s not just today, that’s ongoing. Come on down! Meggen Watt Petersen and Sandra Serra Bradshaw will also be there.      

Vol XVI # 012 – A Cold and Not So Nice Day

One of those days that you want to sit by the fire and watch the “Master’s”.  Today’s pictures are from mid-morning after an light overnight snow which recovered the ground after the last overnight snow melted.  The most irritating thing about today is the wind gusting out of the southeast at 22 to 28 mph and the temperature at freezing.  I made my… Read more »

Vol XVI # 011 – A Beautiful Cold Day

A beautiful, but cold day, Fishtown became alive with visitors.  Reflections, Carlson’s Fish Shanty and Dave’s Cheese Shanty were open for business and customers they had.  In spite of the degrees, the picnic tables were occupied.  Rain and snow are forecasted for tomorrow, the winter of 16/17 continues.  

Vol XVI # 001- First Day of the 16th Year

It never entered my mind that morning, March 30th, 2001 that I would be posting the 5,477th Leland Report 15 years later.  It wasn’t in the plan because there was no plan, some things just happen.  Today the LR begins it’s 16th year as I work on my 84th.  I don’t think about when this ends as it is part of my daily… Read more »