Vol XIX – #196 – Nice Day for Kite Surfing

Report #3696 Photo: LR_10-16-19

 JB94507 LR191016

 JB94587 LR191016

Report by Jim

Headed down to Van’s Beach when I saw some guys were kite surfing on the Manitou Transit Sky Cam. Out on the water is Dan Andrews, who caught some wicked air (do the kids still say that?). On the beach are Matt Larson and a friend of his who told me he just started kite surfing (I apologize I can only fit two names in my old head!). I would actually love to try this. The waves were pretty large, but with the water so high, the breakers over the wall were not as high as they usually are.

 JB94567 LR191016 JB94596 LR191016

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4 years ago

I love these, Jim! You capture the excitement and energy perfectly. Also want to add, I find my schedule doesn’t allow me to check in every day, but I never go more than a week without checking out everything I missed. That said, I really want to thank Keith for providing an update on Oct 11 LR. For a guy (and his dog) I’ve only met once but have never missed a report in 18 years, I really have grown to love and appreciate him and his efforts in providing the wonderful art and imagery of Leelanau. I’m clearly not… Read more »

4 years ago

Great action shots! That’s a lot of air! I would hope that there’s a similar degree of control like in a sailboat to not get too much air and the ability to control your descent for a smooth landing…..