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Vol XXIV – #7 – Happy 91st Birthday!

Happy 91st birthday to the original Leland Reporter Keith Burnham. Having a celebratory cherry pie today! Let’s have a stroll down memory lane….         Find Leland Report gifts at:  

Vol XXIV – #6 – Still some ice left

  Feels like I was just down the coast last week. Oh yeah, I was. I wanted to stop by Grand Haven then, but forgot that they started closing off the pier after it gets coated with ice. There are some warnings about people that have died on the pier, 50 since 1871. Wait, 50 in 150 years? I’d like… Read more »

Vol XXIV – #5 – Snow and Ice on the way to Manistee

Without going into too much personal detail, we are at a point in time that is requiring all four of us kids to attend to the needs of both Joanne and Keith. If the Report has been off and on for the last few years, that is the reason. Joanne needs some regular treatment in Traverse City and both will… Read more »

Vol XXIV – #4 – Heading down to the Lights

When I head back to Illinois and have a bit of time to spend on the way down, I’ll take M22 through Glen Arbor, Empire, and Frankfort to stop by the lighthouses on the way. When shooting the pine plantation, I had to hike through 4′ snowdrifts. At Point Betsie, I met another photographer who attempted to hike along the… Read more »

Vol XXIV – #3 – Treats on the Log

  Our gluttons of the suet log are back. There are four Bluejays now and at one point I had all four on the feeder at once, but didn’t get the shot in time. Nobody messes with these bullies except for the Red-Bellied and Pileated Woodpeckers. For anyone curious, I created this suet feeder from an old log I found… Read more »

Vol XXIV – #2 – January Snow Day

  Deb and I ran into Mark Smith while snowshoeing the Clay Cliffs trail a couple of days ago (at least 8″ fell in the last 48 hours up around Leland). I said I wasn’t going to be taking photos, but I guess I lied. I hadn’t up to that point, but it was just too nice to pass up…. Read more »

Vol XXII – #54 – Stranded

  Seems like this kind of thing happens once every few years. I don’t know how this unlucky sailor got stranded on the shore in Good Harbor Bay, but extracting a boat this big is never an easy task. My friend Gwenn Stevenson sent me over to the Overheard in Leelanau Facebook page for the video of this group of… Read more »

Vol XXII – #49 – Dredging in Full Drudge

As you can see, this week was great for beach-going, But you’ll have plenty of room to lay out next week because a cold front started moving in today. Also, dredging is in full swing and the Cheese Shanty is open. Also, I had to stop for pedestrians for the first time today. Summer is almost here. You’ve all been… Read more »

Vol XXII – #48 – Reflections on a Black Bear

 I was rudely awakened by a porch pirate at 3am! One birdfeeder removed from its clamp. I was able to snap a quick photo of the perpetrator, but he remains at large (and large). Be on the look out on the North end of Lake Leelanau for this huge four-legged black bird. After a long day in Traverse City, the… Read more »