Vol XV #112 – Just Before the Power Went Out

Report #5222 Photo: LR7- 18-15

6:00 am ~ 67° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: Calm ~ Humidity: 94%
Sunrise is at 6:13 am ~ Ave. Low is 58° ~ Record Low is 46° (1985)
4:30 p.m. ~ 71° ~ Partly Cloudy ~ Wind: West at 11 mph ~ Humidity: 59%
Sunset is at 9:25 pm ~ Ave. High is 80° ~ Record High is 95° (2006)
Moonphase: Waxing Crescent ~ Pressure: 29.76 in~ Dew Point: 67° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles
Daylight: 15 Hrs 12 Mns
Forecast for 7/19/2015 – Partly Cloudy,  High: 78°F – Low: 63°F

LR 07-18-15Mid-morning the sky darkened and the “Dark Sky” app on my I Phone started alerting that possible severe weather is on it’s way. The “Radar” app confirmed that with a fast moving, very red graphic headed for Leland.  The rain began to fall and power went out.  The internet remained until just before noon and it went out.  Logged onto ConsumerPower.com on my I Phone and clicked on the “outage” button.  It showed in red a graphic of the outage from Duck Lake Corner to 641 which included all of Leland.  North of town the rain was light, but south of town had a heavy downpour. Emergency equipment responded to a property around Whaleback.  Fishtown was almost empty at noon, which on a Saturday in mid July is unusual.  Generators created the sound effects.  What kind of a day was it?…  Actually not too bad as the sun came out. the power returned and the internet worked.  The internet is important as the business community relies on it for transactions.
Biscuit was helping the boys find rocks.  It was a nice day indeed.

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