Vol XV #111 – A Hazy Lazy Day

Report #5221 Photo: LR7- 17-15

6:00 am ~ 63° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: S SE at 4 mph ~ Humidity: 89%
Sunrise is at 6:12 am ~ Ave. Low is 58° ~ Record Low is 44° (1987)
3:40 p.m. ~ 67° ~ Partly Cloudy ~ Wind: West at 12 mph ~ Humidity: 69%
Sunset is at 9:26 pm ~ Ave. High is 80° ~ Record High is 93° (1983)
Moonphase: Waxing Crescent ~ Pressure: 29.73 in~ Dew Point: 64° ~ Visibility: 7 Miles
Daylight: 15 Hrs 14 Mns
Forecast for 7/18/2015 – Partly Cloudy,  High: 87°F – Low: 65°F


LR 07-17-15

A damp and misty get-up with a little drizzle in the air.  You notice these things when you drive around with no top.  MDOT was on the job this morning with the promise of completing the resurfacing.  I must compliment them for the way they work, Elmer’s does a fine job of road construction.

Most of the “Mac” boats have left the harbor and are returning to their home port.   Years past it was common for the sailboats to be rafted out 8 deep with the socializing continuing till eleven and mid morning the exodus would start.  Always a great group of sailors.



the Grandkids show up new Leland Report swag


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Jim Burnham
Jim Burnham
8 years ago