Vol XVII – #074 – Meggen’s Monday

Report #5910 Photo: LR_6-12-17

Wine Fest 2017-9884


Vol XVII – #073 - After a Night of Gale Force Winds
Vol XVII – #075 - What a Nice Day

TLR-20170612-purples And Pinks

Purpley pinks- raspberry sorbet, ladies slipper orchids, bleeding hearts, iris, a propeller hub, fishing lure, and a couple of random signs within Leland – and a sunset by Fishtown. These are a few hues of early summer. 




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4 Comments on "Vol XVII – #074 – Meggen’s Monday"

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Judy in Grand Blanc

nicely done Meggen!

Dick, in Rankin

Nice that the Cove-Leland cam is back & operating!

Shirley Fredrickson Ches in the WNC Mtns.
Shirley Fredrickson Ches in the WNC Mtns.

” ….and these are a few of my favorite things….la,la,la-la,laaaa”

Dick, in Rankin

Who else but Meggan would think of grouping those items into one presentation?

You rock, girl!