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Vol XVIII – #68 – Tale of Two Peninsulas

(Report by Jim) A remarkable day today. I have been working remotely all week and it’s really hard sometimes to be productive knowing what it’s like outside. At 3pm I was free! After dinner with Leland Report Keith and Joanne, I escaped out into the countryside to find some photos for today’s report. I managed to get up to the tip… Read more »

Vol XVII – #350 – Sunday Berging

.Spring is just 2 days away. It’s a beautiful day in our neighborhood. I messed up today.  Before noon I drove to Leland and took the picture above of the “Berging” crew sawing the ‘berg” and returned back to town at 1:10 to take the photo below thinking it was the same group that I saw cutting the ice. I have no idea who is… Read more »

Vol XVII – #346 – Nice, But It’s Not Spring Yet

  A video taken of the “berging” on Sunday has been viewed 26.2K times so far… Wow! Again!! The “bergers” were a group from Traverse City and celebrated the cruise at the Bluebird. The ice as said to be 5 to 6 inches thick and was falling apart as they made their way.                … Read more »

Vol XVII – #345 – Another Winter Day Waiting For Spring

A video taken of the “berging” on Sunday has been viewed 18.4K times so far… Wow!  I would like to know who and where the “berging” crew were from. The sun is trying to take over and the less than a inch of new snow is melting.