Vol XVIII – #207- Meggen’s Monday

Vol XVIII - #206- Last Boat Trip of the Season
Vol XVIII - #208 - Early Morning in Leland
Life Saving Station-6157

Life Saving Station, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Muted tones over the weekend with overcast skies. Lots of oranges and golds are showing up at the “past peak” time. Monday’s skies are blue: if you’re in town, get out and take a look around!

Note: The 2019 Leland Report Calendar is available for purchase (pre-sale) at the following link:


Life Saving Station-6156
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Catryna J Loos
Catryna J Loos
2 years ago

Wow ! The water in the first photo looks like its moving !!

Jim Burnham
2 years ago

Dibs on the barn! 🙂