Vol XXII – #37 – Sunshine and Gradients

Report #7059 Photo: LR-10-27-22


Leland, MI
Partly Cloudy
5:55 am9:30 pm EDT
Feels like: 79°F
Wind: 8mph SW
Humidity: 46%
Pressure: 29.79"Hg
UV index: 3
7 pm8 pm9 pm10 pm11 pm
72°F / 54°F
66°F / 50°F
73°F / 61°F
75°F / 66°F
79°F / 66°F

Rain ended late yesterday and today was sunny all day. I took the opportunity to move the boat out into the sun to dry it out from last month’s downpour. Everything is put away for the Winter. I went to pick up Deb’s mountain bike from Sutton’s Bay Bike Shop and on the way back stopped to photograph an interesting natural gradient in a vineyard on M204. It was things that you keep seeing and want to shoot, but never have the time or equipment. The next shot is less travelled, but is one of my favorite scenes in any season on the wild side of Alpers Rd.

The 2023 Leland Report Calendar is currently at the printers and I expect to ship by the end of this October. We no longer post every day, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have images to share. We thank you for your support as you make this worthwhile for us. I am limiting the printing to 200 calendars this year, so be sure to order yours soon, it is likely to sell out and not be available in January.

You can order yours here:  https://www.burnhamgraphicarts.com/specialty-items/e5b7837c1  

-Jim and Keith Burnham





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Bonnie Vredeveld
Bonnie Vredeveld
1 year ago

Thank you for the beautiful pictures. Blessings

Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
1 year ago

Beauty, each in its own way!

John Jameson
John Jameson
1 year ago

Your work is beautiful!