Vol XVI # 001- First Day of the 16th Year

Report #5477 Photo: LR_3-30-16


LR 03-30-2016

6:00 am ~ 41° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: South at 6 mph  ~ Humidity:48%
Sunrise is at 7:27 am ~ Ave. Low is 27° ~ Record Low is 18° (2011)
3:30 pm ~ 55° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: S SW at 12 gusting to 23 mph ~ Humidity:40%
Sunset is at 8:09 pm ~ Ave. High is 46° ~ Record High is 68° (2006) 
Moonphase: Waning Gibbous ~ Pressure: 29.79 in ~ Dew Point: 31° ~ Visibility: 9 Miles  
Daylight: 12 Hrs 42 min

Forecast for 3/31/16 – Showers – High: 45° – Low: 33°

Vol XV # 366 - Final Day of the 15th Year
Vol XVI # 002- Down By the Riverside


It never entered my mind that morning, March 30th, 2001 that I would be posting the 5,477th Leland Report 15 years laterIt wasn’t in the plan because there was no plan, some things just happen.  Today the LR begins it’s 16th year as I work on my 84th.  I don’t think about when this ends as it is part of my daily routine  as well as Biscuit’s.  It’s been an interesting journey and I hope it continues to be. 

Report3-30-16 Biscuit3-30-16


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Harry P

“It’s been an interesting journey and I hope it continues to be.” Amen! (and Thanks again!!)

Ruthie Linsmith

Oh my, Keith!! Just think – how many lives you’ve entertained through your delight Report. Thank you for it all!!!


Thank you very very much!

Sara Leeland

And we readers are all SO glad that you began….and keep at it!


Congratulations Mr Keith. Through the Leland Report I was introduced to you and your lovely bride and “The Mar”. For that I am grateful. Its been a great time and I look forward to enjoying your work on a daily basis.


Keith, thanks for letting me tag along on your journey all these years. My daily visit to your blog never fails warm my heart a bit and put a smile on my face. I remember when I first joined you I still had a dial up computer connection. How time flies.

Dick,in Rankin

You have a lot of people praying that you do.
looks like Biscuit his getting his fish sausage,


Thank you so much Keith for all your endeavors over 15 years, rain and shine, snow and ice. You bring joy to my day everyday I’m not in Leelanau County. May you have 15 more years in you.