Vol XVI # 002- Down By the Riverside

Report #5478 Photo: LR_3-31-16

LR 03-31--2016


6:00 am ~ 38° ~ Light Rain ~ Wind: North at 9 mph  ~ Humidity:86%
Sunrise is at 7:25 am ~ Ave. Low is 27° ~ Record Low is 17° (1997)
2:30 pm ~ 38° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: N NE at 9 mph ~ Humidity: 99%
Sunset is at 8:10 pm ~ Ave. High is 47° ~ Record High is 73° (1986) 
Moonphase: Last Quarter ~ Pressure: 29.31 in ~ Dew Point: 39° ~ Visibility: 5 Miles  
Daylight: 12 Hrs 45 min

Forecast for 4/1/16 – Cloudy – High: 42° – Low: 29°

Vol XVI # 001- First Day of the 16th Year
Vol XVI # 003 - April Fools Day


A very tough day to go out and take a picture, the thought being, take a picture of what?  A drizzly morning with limited visibility.  Besides, it was really chilly, especially with a north wind.  This is not a new situation because for the past 15 years I’ve had a lot days just like today.   So what do I do?…  I go and take some pictures and whatever. 



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6 Comments on "Vol XVI # 002- Down By the Riverside"

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Lisa Goranson

Wha happened to the “My North” icon on the list of N.W. Michigan links to select from ?


Keith the photo of Big Blue was worth the trouble it took–loved the misty clouds!

Sara Leeland

Down in Holland, I so appreciate your photos. Love the one of the Riverside Inn today!

Dick Ristine

Love the shot of the Riverside, where I first stayed in Leland in 1956.

Downstate Jim

Biscuit seems to be on the trail of something interesting, ( other than fish sausages ).

Dick, in Rankin

Keith, you would not offend anyone if you were to draw from your “treasure chest” to post, on days like this.