Vol XVII – #060 Meggen’s Monday: Memorial Day

Report #5895 Photo: LR_5-29-17
TLR-20170529-NMI And Gull At Sunset-9052

“True North”

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Today we pause to honor those who served and gave everything, and the veterans who served alongside them. We salute your courage. We recognize the grief felt by so many families and friends. The forlorn tune “Taps” echoes in our hearts. I think about a former colleague, one of the finest people I’ve ever worked with, who now rests in Arlington National Cemetery. My life is fuller, and my concept of honor far deeper, because of how he lived. I know that I am not alone in gratefully cherishing this memory today. Memorial Day, 2017.  



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Catryna Loos
Catryna Loos
7 years ago

Beautiful Leland Report, Meggen!!