Vol XVII – #126 – Rain and a Morning Flood

Report #5962 Photo: LR_8-4-17

JF7 0410

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JF7 0413

(Report by Jim today) got the distinct pleasure of driving up in the immense downpour that plagued Michigan last night and flooded Leland streets this morning. Doing that at night in a construction zone is never fun.

I’ve only walked down the beach to Whaleback once in the past and decided to do it today, in the rain. Well, it wasn’t raining when I started at Reynolds St., but was when I got there. No walking around the bend unless you want to get real wet, though. The water level is really high.

Look for the story on dogs that Keith wrote for the Leelanau Enterprise. Alan Campbell came out to get the “barking news” for the article.


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Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
6 years ago

Jim, any chance you could print the article here, since some probably don’t get the Enterprise? Or perhaps that is what you meant by “look for it”…..:)