Vol XV #129 – A Powerful Day Indeed

Report #5239 Photo: Leland Yacht Club Sailing School

LR 08-04-15

6:00 am ~ 67° ~ Partly Cloudy ~ Wind: W SW at 4 mph ~ Humidity: 88%
Sunrise is at 6:31am ~ Ave. Low is 58° ~ Record Low is 49° (1997)
4:30 p.m. ~ 77° ~ Partly Cloudy ~ Wind: North at 11 mph  ~ Humidity:58%
Sunset is at 9:06 pm ~ Ave. High is 80° ~ Record High is 92° (1999)
Moonphase: Waning Gibbous ~ Pressure:29.92in~ Dew Point:56° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles
Daylight: 14 Hrs 42 Mns

Forecast for 8/5/2015 – Partly Cloudy,  High: 73° F – Low: 54° F

Vol XV #128 - Meggen's Monday!
Vol XV #130 - A Perfect Leland Day Indeed



 This week is the last week of Sailing School at the Leland Yacht Club, our grandkids, Meredith and Daniel Burnham along with Biscuit and the rest of the crew sat for a group picture.

Our power outage lasted approx. 46 hours, not bad considering that the prediction was for Thursday at 4:00 pm which would have meant about 90 hours. The word on the street is that  Glen Arbor is a disaster area and may never be the same.  The cloud formations this morning were incredible as opposed to the storm photos from Sunday which were incredibly scary.  The weather service claims that the straight line winds on Sunday reached 91+ mph but there was no tornado as previously reported.  Matt Young, Carl Young Electric, stopped by this morning and checked out our generator as well as all the others on his list.  Anyone building a new home should consider a generator just in case. 




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susan 2728

the tags listed to the right should be on a pillow!


Like the big ol’ instructor with the pup on his shoulder

Nancy Keppelman

The Glen Arbor Sun website has photos of downed trees. the buildings in downtown Glen Arbor seem to be in pretty good shape (apart from no power), but there are probably hundreds of trees, many very old ones, down. It is sad, but amazing that hardly anyone was hurt, at least from what I’ve heard.

Beth Dolan de Pleite

Glad to see everyone safe. Leland Yacht Club is always the highlight of my kids’ vacation. Sending regards from Lake Coatepeque in El Salvador.

C. Patton

LOTS of sightseers going around to see the damage. PLEASE leave the roads and street for the work crews who are clearing roads and power lines here at Glen Lake. Winds were clocked at 138 mph.

Judy in Grand Blanc

As a long time lover of Glen Haven and Glen Arbor, my heart hurts for the people in these areas. I am glad no one was hurt, but so very sad about all of the trees lost and other damages people must tend to.

Jim Burnham

As a student when I was a kid, and instructor when I was older, I can attest to how much fun this is on both sides.