Vol XV #145 – October Clouds Over Fishtown

Report #5255 Photo: Fishtown from the bridge

LR 08-20-15

6:00 am ~ 62° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: Southwest at 5 mph ~ Humidity: 84%
Sunrise is at 6:50 am ~ Ave. Low is 57°~Record Low is 42° (1998)
2:30 pm. ~ 65° ~ Mostly Cloudy ~ Wind: W SW at 13 mph ~ Humidity:72%
Sunset is at 8:41 pm ~ Ave. High is 78° ~ Record High is 85° (1995) 
Moonphase: Waxing Crescent ~ Pressure: 29.66 in ~ Dew Point: 56° ~ Visibility: 9 Miles
Daylight: 13 Hrs 51 Mns
Forecast for 8/21/2015 – Sunny, High 78° F- Low: 65° F


Another cloudy/sunny day with an early morning drizzle/shower.  Wind and October clouds with patches of blue.  One of the rare times Rick’s Café had a lack of customers.

The Joy brought in a load of whitefish that included 7 chubs, Big Blue has been chubless for a number of years.  Alan Priest is hoping for the day the Janice Sue returns to the open waters of Big Blue to fish for chubs. 





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Harry P
Harry P
8 years ago

So that dam candy store changed its name to: MMMM, Candy Store. I approve. I’m with Alan Priest, although in light of having supported Carlson’s for decades, my appetite may be part of the reason there aren’t any chubs any more.