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Vol XV #145 – October Clouds Over Fishtown

   Another cloudy/sunny day with an early morning drizzle/shower.  Wind and October clouds with patches of blue.  One of the rare times Rick’s Café had a lack of customers. The Joy brought in a load of whitefish that included 7 chubs, Big Blue has been chubless for a number of years.  Alan Priest is hoping for the day the Janice… Read more »

Vol XV #84 – Lunch at Rick’s

(Today’s report brought to you by Jim) Had a chance to catch up with my old friend Meggen “Monday” Petersen and her husband Joel (Captain of the Joy) at Rick’s Café. On the way back, got to shadow this tom shadowing his brood by the local vineyard. Look for the 16×20 Metal aluminum panel print of Keith’s “The Joy of… Read more »