Vol XVI – #181 – Meggen’s Monday

Report #5655 Photo: LR_9-26-16
TLR-20160926-Moonrise Good Harbor-5951

Moonrise, Good Harbor Bay

6:00 am ~ 60° ~ Cloudy – Wind: W SW at 12 mph ~ Humidity:85%
Sunrise is at 7:36 am ~ Ave. Low is 46° ~ Record Low is 28° (1989)
2:00 pm – 59° ~ Showers ~ Wind: W SW at 18 mph ~ Humidity: 68%
Sunset is at 7:32 pm ~ Ave. High is 66° ~ Record High is 80° (1999)
Moonphase: Waning Crescent ~ Pressure: 29.76 in ~ Dew Point: 48° ~ Visibility:10 Miles
Daylight: 12 Hrs 16 Mns
Forecast for 9/27/16 – Rain – High: 56° – Low: 49°

 TLR-20160926-Gill Net Fishtown-6255

Some nights offer a beauty of their own. Just before moonrise four days ago, fast-moving clouds caught that light, and I set up the shot at the top. It’s a 30-second exposure to capture cloud movement. Milky Way, below. And a fish net. Just because. (Note that today, Monday, is cloudy, windy, and rainy.)   

TLR-20160926-Milky Way Over Whaleback-5932


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7 years ago

Absolutely beautiful!

Sara Leeland
Sara Leeland
7 years ago

Megan: Where are you when you take these shots? Good Harbor?

7 years ago
Reply to  Sara Leeland

Yes, north end of Route 651.

catryna Loos
7 years ago

Mr B, will there be a 2017 calendar?

Wayne S. Kahrs
Wayne S. Kahrs
7 years ago

Your night shot is spectacular. What is the bright light in it, almost touching the earth? My longest exposure was 4 min back in the day when I was using Kodchrome 10….it was of the Leaning Tower of Pisa….it came out excellent, with a bit more blue to it than desired.