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Vol XXIV- #1 – All Good Things Come to an End

  But all beginnings start with an end, right? If you haven’t been paying attention, the Blue Bird in Leland is being razed. A sad day, but Skip Telgard promises something will return in its place. We got a bit of snow and just in time as I just put new tires on my Jeep yesterday. Happy new year from… Read more »

Vol XXII – #33 – 2023 Leland Report Calendar

  The 2023 Leland Report Calendar is currently at the printers and I expect to ship by the end of this October. We no longer post every day, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have images to share. We thank you for your support as you make this worthwhile for us. I am limiting the printing to 200 calendars this… Read more »

Vol XXII – #15- Fishtown Trim

    Fishtown is looking pretty ready for the season! The water level is not as low as it has been recently at 579.5′, but way off the high of just over 582.3′ in 2020. The dredger is running and dumping sand down by South Beach.  Today’s water level: Taken back in 2019 (with seiches, the level easily went over… Read more »

Vol XXII – #14- Trillium Time

  Trillium season is in full swing. I found these at the top of the hill near the open field on the Clay Cliffs trail North of Leland. Looking forward to nice weather all this week for some other shots, maybe some drone footage. The best Trillium display I’ve seen was on the Arcadia Dunes Trail just North of Arcadia…. Read more »

Vol XXII – #13- Wildfire

  Excitement for the day was a wildfire that started along the telephone lines that head into the forest south of Trillium Dr., which is less than a mile South. Looks minor, but with the winds today, could have been pretty serious. Thank you Leelanau Township Fire and Tribal Fire personnel for taking care of this. The Daffodils also thank… Read more »

Vol XXI – #47- Big City on the Bay

The sun finally came out and stayed out all day. I needed a 16″ water supply hose today and the only place open was in Traverse City, so I headed south, stopping by some scenic views along the way. I headed first to the Lake Leelanau Narrows bridge, then to get the hose, then up to where the Schooner Manitou… Read more »

Vol XXI – #41 – Calendars

The 2022 Leland Report Calendar is the 16th consecutive calendar we have put out. For the last 16 years, I have assembled 12 of our best photos from a huge number to choose from. This isn’t as easy as uploading 12 photos and having a printer print out X number of calendars. I manually edited every page, placed all the… Read more »

Vol XXI – #37 – Sister Ships and Whaleback Natural Area

Back in Leland to see what’s been happening. The Japanese Maples are the only trees still holding their color. Found two boats and a building in the Harbor parking lot. Looks like old friends will be spending the Winter together there. Carlson’s Fishery is the latest benefactor to an upgraded foundation. Took a hike up into the Whaleback Natural Area… Read more »

Vol XXI – #36 – 1934 Leelanau Enterprise

I’ll be in Leland with my daughter next week, so expect some posts. The weather looks like it will be in the 40s all week, so it might make for some good hiking. Definitely hot chocolate weather! Today’s post is a throwback to a Leelanau Enterprise dated 12/27/1934. You can see the subscriber name printed right at the top of… Read more »