Vol XVII – #248 – Wind: 50, gusting to 55

Report #6084 Photo: LR_12-05-2017

LR 12-05-2017

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Vol XVII - #247 - Meggen's Monday
Vol XVII - #249 - Not the Nicest Day


Wind Advisory for tonight… It was a dark and windy day, overheard at the post office that a 83 mph gust was recorded at the bluff next door to Norb Gits.  I recorded a 27 second video this morning at Vans Beach shoreline, 27 because I couldn’t take more for fear of being blown away. We are under a Winter Weather Advisory until sometime Thursday with 10 inches of snow predicted for counties north of Leelanau. 1 to 3 inches predicted for the Grand Traverse region.  A big tree down across a driveway a quarter mile south of McLeod.  Had to relocate a big limb across our driveway and that ain’t easy, I’ll be 85 in March and taking out the garbage is a workout sometimes.

Below… Biscuit getting acquainted with a new friend.





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John Frank
John Frank
4 years ago

Spring is only 105 days away!

4 years ago

85? PPFFFFT. Your just getting broke in.