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Vol XX – #084 Meggen’s Monday

I love the early morning light as it begins to illuminate things we see every day, perhaps in a fresh new way. The light coming through the purple glass circle art at the Old Art Building caught my attention and I just had to stop and take a photo. The rest of the photos today are of our beloved commercial… Read more »

Vol XX – #078 Meggen’s Monday

Sometimes in order to make a photo come out the way you envision, you need to go to the location…. and wait. Wait for all the elements to line up just so, and possibly run in between two locations, such as the moments in between the top photo and the one above. The Manitou Passage offers endless photo ops, from… Read more »

Vol XIX – #262 – Meggen’s Monday

A tree (above) exposed by the receding shoreline, stands just to the west of the Glen Haven Cannery building on Sleeping Bear Bay. Still sturdy and deep-rooted, it stands as a sentinel, taking in the changes as well as the steady horizon. Best wishes this holiday week!   Don’t forget, if you want to save the shipping and get a… Read more »

Vol XIX – #261 – Look Who I Found

Jim’s report:  Today I am giving you a few things some of you have probably have never experienced before and I invite you to visit. The first photo is the Janice Sue which is in Arcadia for a marine survey (Take State St to the harbor from M22) . I’ve never seen the keel of the Janice Sue, have you?… Read more »