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Vol XVIII – #135 – What Kind of a Day Was It?

              It started out cloudy with the temperature around 70 degrees.  Out of the grey sky came a motorized kite. Someone told him to “Go fly a kite” and he did. By noon the skies turned blue and another beautiful Fishtown day.                  

Vol XVIII – #132 – Walking Van’s Beach in the Morning

      .   What a way to start the day.  Morning is a special time in Leland.  There are joggers, runners, bikers, dog walkers and couples out walking. The charter boats are out on the water fishing. It’s a busy time.                

Vol XVIII – #131 – On the Street Where We Live… M22

      Regardless of what direction, North or South, Leland is a one way in, one way out kind of town. M22 is a major scenic route, 12 months out of the year. Biscuit and I drive into town every morning and take a picture of Fishtown and say “Good Morning Leland” along with the temperature. We visit Fishtown… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #130 – Meggen’s Monday

We continue to enjoy the hot and hazy August days. There were plenty of boats on Lake Michigan on Sunday afternoon, enjoying calm waters. JP and I saw half a dozen bald eagles soaring over the western side of North Manitou Island. We visited the Port Oneida Fair on Saturday. Then the final Sunday Night Sing of the season took… Read more »