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Vol XVI – #138 – On the Way Back From Stocking Drive

Another beautiful morning, another beautiful day.  We decided to Jeep it to Glen Arbor and then on for a scenic trip through Stocking Drive and drive we did as there were no parking places anywhere.  Stopped to picture take on the way back home.  Little Glen Lake below.

Vol XVI – #137 – And the Winner Is….

  The morning began with the threat of rain and it did very lightly, enough to wash the dust off the car.  Better than nothing.  Some blue tried to move in around noon, but it quickly clouded over again. I was chosen to pick the winning ticket for the Fishtown Preservation Raffle.  Winning tickets went to Northport, Leland and out… Read more »

Vol XVI – #136 – Buy Some Raffle Tickets

Dark skies, but no rain, great day to buy raffle tickets. Not a great day for the car below as it was rear ended and pushed under UPS Tom’s truck.  The car that struck it went on, air bag employed and sideswiped 3 parked cars. The driver sent off to Munson in an ambulance.  I arrived after the fact and only know… Read more »

Vol XVI – #135 – The Day Began Perfect

  And then the sky turned gray because rain is on it’s way.  At least we hope it’s on it’s way.  Unfortunately there is a meteor shower tonight.  The Leland sidewalk sale in progress.  Busy times.   

Vol XVI – #134 – Wine a Bit… You’ll Feel Better

Another one of those day after day days.  We passed the time away this morning as we always do, on Van’s Beach.  There were times in the past that we referred to the beach as Hall’s Beach or Taylor’s Beach. This afternoon, Biscuit and I made a visit to Chateau Fontaine, one of our favorite stops.