Vol XV #291 – Still Blowin and Still Snowin

The wind continues to blow, gusting to 20 and30 mph.  The path leading down to Van’s Beach this morning was drifted and with the wind, was a little too much for my legs.  Was able to get down to South Beach, but with the blowing snow, no pictures were worth taking.  With near whiteout conditions, there are people who drive without… Read more »

Vol XV #290 – Calm, then blowing over 30

Last nights weather forecast for the overnight snow fall was 6 to 12 inches.  We woke up to an inch.  The sky at sunrise showed signs of opening up and Big Blue was calm.  And then by 10:30 am the wind started blowing and the sky started snowing.  Gusting to over 30, whiteouts.  All the schools are closed and this system is… Read more »

Vol XV #289 – Meggen’s Monday

Today, Monday, the wind has subsided. However, with temps hovering in the teens, we continue to celebrate winter. Yesterday’s onshore wind made the fishing nets dance around, made the harbor flag point directly toward shore, and created whitecaps in the harbor and river. I stood in the lee of the Fishtown shanties and then in the lee of the Manitou… Read more »

Vol XV #288 – Winter Returned

Winter found it’s way back home!  A blustery return with northwest winds gusting to over 35 mph.  Our Leelanau Road Commission plows had the roads cleared before 7am for the go to church folks, God loveum. Biscuit and I tried to get down to Van’s Beach, but the wind and corn snow drove us back.    The Leland Report/Leif Spork Snow… Read more »

Vol XV #287 – Waiting For Winter to Return

Another gloomy beginning, dark and dreary.  The early afternoon no different. Snow was forecasted to fall around four, it began falling at two.  The snow is falling along with the temperature and winter is returning.  The Leland Report/Leif Spork Snow Gauge contest is closed. We had a total of 47 entries. We will report the final tally on 4/30/16!  

Vol XV #286 – Another gray January Day

Another calm and cloudy beginning.  The temperature rose to around 43 degrees this afternoon with some drizzle, not the kind of winter day you want.  Sunday is forecasted to be cold and snowy.  Last year on this date we had 61.2 inches in Maple City and two years ago 121 inches in Suttons bay.  But then again, three years ago… Read more »

Vol XV #285 – A Black & White Beginning With a Touch of Orange

A calm and cloudy beginning.  The forecasts include everything, rain, sleet and possible snow.  So far nothing.  The morning darkness starts to brighten up mid February when the sun rises at 7:45.  I like to begin our journey around 8.  The Leland Report/Leif Spork Snow Gauge contest is closed. We had a total of 47 entries. We will report the final… Read more »

Vol XV #284 – A Picture Postcard Afternoon

The morning arrived with a nice sunrise.  I thought there might be a nice picture opportunity at Fudgy Beach and as I crossed over the Carp River I said this is it.  Never got to Fudgy Beach, instead I made my way to South Fishtown.  Noon and the sun provided a picture postcard shot of North Beach.  Tomorrow afternoon… possible rain or snow…. Read more »

Vol XV #283 – It Could Be A Nice Day I’d Say

This afternoon we will be in the Big City By the Bay, so the Leland Report is being posted early.  Back in 2001 when I started the LR, it was usually was posted in the am as it was a good morning email to my family.  Hard to believe that 15 years will have passed since March 30 2001.  I have been interviewed… Read more »

Vol XV #282 – Meggen’s Monday

  It was one of those instances of glancing back over my shoulder after having photographed the waves breaking near the old Life Saving Station in the park. A thin line of pink hovered over the Manitou Passage. As I returned to the water’s edge and looked toward the point, the sun had turned South Manitou Island’s snow-covered dunes pink as… Read more »