Vol XVI # 056 – Wildflowers

   The  Wildflower Rescue team will be on hand this weekend at the Village Green with a lot of Trillium for sale.   Both Upper and Northern Lower peninsulas are under an extreme fire watch and No Burn Rule is in effect. Some rain is expected this week.          

Vol XVI # 052 – AM 580 On Your Radio Dial

   Jim and I were interviewed by Colleen Wares, WTCM radio, in the Big City By the Bay this morning at 11:30 am EDT.  We talked about the Leland Report book that has just been printed and will be available here in Leland in June.  Jim by telephone and I of course in person.  I was fortunate enough to find a… Read more »

Vol XVI # 051 – Those Nice Days Are Here Again

   Sport and commercial fishing are what Fishtown is all about.  Always a nice sight watching the boats head out to Big Blue.     Tune into AM580 Friday at 11:30 EST, we are going to be talking with Colleen Wares about the Leland Report Book.  You can also listen live online  

Vol XVI # 050 – More Nice Days Are On The Way

  Overnight temperatures were below freezing for most of the Upper/Lower.  Cherry blossoms are the main concern when it drops to below 30 degrees.  Last year, grapes took the hit.  The forecast is… nicer days are on the way.  It looks nice and is starting to feel nice.        

Vol XVI # 048 – Meggen’s Monday

One thing about cool temperatures is that flowers last a long time, which is delightful! Top photo today was a result of searching for northern lights and finding moonlit clouds instead. Thirty-second exposure: the streak on the horizon on the left side is the 767′ Cason J Callaway heading north.       

Vol XVI # 047 – Looks Nice, But Doesn’t Feel Nice

Brrr… Winter returned with wind out of the north and near freezing temperatures with snow showers.  The sky opened up around noon and turned a beautiful blue.  Fishtown looked picture postcard good except there were no visitors.  Sunday afternoon on a sun shinny day in May and there ain’t nobody there.