Vol XV #258 – The AM Wind Gusting to 35 mph

 The wind overnight sounded like a freight train roaring through.  Gusts of 54 mph caused a brief power out that made the clock flash on and off.  Outside of that, Christmas is only two weeks away and there is no snow.  Getting over to the shoreline to take a picture wasn’t the easiest, but it’s part of the job.  A good gust… Read more »

Vol XV #257 – And Then the Sun Came Out… But Not For Long

El Nino is making it’s mark on Winter 2015/16 with spring like temperatures but in 2001 it was 65 degrees on December 9th.  When the next snowfall will be interesting. Click here to enter the 2016 Snow Gauge contest! Win a custom Leif Spork tile!

Vol XV #256 – Wednesday’s Misty Boredom

I wondered what December 9th was like back when I started the Leland Report and discovered that there are as many snowless days as there are snowy.  I assume that there were misty ones too.  I noticed that Leif had changed his clothes again, probably because of the warmer weather.  Herr Professor apparently doesn’t have a change. The fish sausage… Read more »

Vol XV #254 – Meggen’s Monday

We have a mild and gray Monday today. At Mr. Burnham’s request, we are featuring photos of bowls turned from trees downed during the August 2 storm. Members of the Northwestern Michigan Woodturners Club are turning these bowls from sections of hardwood trees that fell that day, as a way for neighbors and those in the community to commemorate their… Read more »

Vol XV #251 – River Views

A mostly cloudy morning slowly became a mostly sunny day and what a nice calm day it turned out to be. A few damp and rainy days are behind us with hope that the next precipitation will be in the form of snow flakes.  Due to the warmer than normal fall, we weren’t surprised when our granddaughter found a tick on Biscuit… Read more »

Vol XV #249 – A Rainy Morning, Calm Afternoon

Another wet morning with a bit of sun, just a bit, this afternoon.  Most excitement occurred when a semi delivered steel to upgrade the JOY.  Outside from that, it was a quiet and calm day.    Click here to enter the 2016 Snow Gauge contest! Win a custom Leif Spork tile!